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Global Optimal Technology, Inc. and Toyota Motor Corp. Collaborate to Reduce Energy Consumption and Cost

Global Optimal Technology, Inc. (GOTI), working with the Fuji Electric Co., Ltd., joined with the Toyota Motor Corporation to combine GOTI’s global expertise and patented tools with Toyota’s local engineering ability to solve the problem of reducing energy consumption and cost while maintaining the required power supply.

The electric power industry in Japan is very complex and power is very expensive. The daily energy used at Toyota consists of steam, gas, and electricity, with different cost structures for each. If the cost of the overall consumption could be decreased by even 1%, the resulting cost reduction would be quite significant. The problem is how to determine an optimal mix of energy consumption, yet meet Toyota’s needs while optimizing their costs. GOTI’s patented tool, Trust-Tech, can determine an optimal global solution for this problem. Using GOTI’s patented Trust-Tech methodology with Toyota’s local engineering approach can result in a 6% reduction in cost while fulfilling Toyota’s required energy needs, a truly significant achievement.

About Toyota Motor Corporation

Incorporated on August 27, 1937, the Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) is well-known in the automotive industry as one of the largest auto manufacturers, but Toyota also conducts business in financial services, housing, telecommunications, and other industries. As of February 2016, Toyota is the 13th-largest company in the world in revenue and is currently the world leader in hybrid electric vehicle sales. Toyota vehicles are sold in approximately 190 countries and regions located in Japan, North America, Europe, and Asia.