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Your best can now be better!


Ensuring economic and reliable operation of electric power systems


Optimal design of machine learning models with superior performance


Improving design quality while reducing complexity for circuit design


Enabling techniques for building accurate predictive analytics


High-quality tools for solving general optimization problems


Accurate forcasting backed up with unique algorithms


Our patented technologies

Your Best Can Now Be Better!

GOT's patented and unique techonology can help you achieve this goal!     Your Best Results Will be Further Improved by Our GOT Technologies!


  • Power Systems

    GOTI has developed a TRUST-TECH based multi-stage, multi-level solver, termed SuperOPF, for solving large-scale OPF problems. more

  • Machine Learning

    Our TRUST-TECH has been applied to construct a highly effective platform termed ELITE for high-performance ensemble of ANNs. more

  • Circuit Design

    By incorporating the TRUST-TECH-based method with the traditional FM method, the quality of the solution is significantly improved. more

  • Predictive Analytics

    Our TRUST-TECH based ELITE platform has been implemented for a wide-range of applications, including energy industry and smart grids. ELITE has been applied in achieving the best performance for short-term electric load forecasting and wind power prediction. more

  • General Optimization

    The TRUST-TECH-enhanced B&B method and the TRUST-TECH-guided B&B method can bring a substantial improvement in solution quality and robustness, and usually the global-optimal integer solution is achieved. more

  • Anomaly Detection

    The system collects real-time measurements from a diversity of sensors attached to the device. Online data analysis is performed by the monitoring system, based on which online assessments of the device condition are performed and reported to the system operator. more

  • Computer Aided Diagnosis

    Our system is composed of four main modules with following functions: image data acquisition and manipulation, anatomy segmentation, automatic pulmonary nodule detection, and pulmonary nodule diagnosis. more

  • Online Compute Service

    Online interface for solving your transformed problems. more

  • On-Demand Software

    On-demand software development to meet your exact requests. more

  • Consulting & Optimization Solutions

    Providing quality assistance and design of customized solutions in the running or future strategy of your business. more


Your No Risk Approach

The great majority of existing numerical methods/ techniques, and heuristics for solving nonlinear optimization problems usually find a local optimal solution, but not the global one. They usually become trapped at every local optimal solution and are unable to escape from those solutions. Our GOT methodology is capable of finding global optimal solution, which could boost your business to the next level. more

Our Believes

  • GOT Technology provides a TRUST-TECH-based comprehensive playform for solving a wide-range of optimization problems.

  • GOT deals with how to do things in the BEST posiible manner to solve real-life problems.

  • The value of obtaining the global optimal solution, from the engineering and the economic viewpoint, is the highest when compared to alternative solitions.

  • The TRUST-TECH based technology methods can bring a substantial improvement in solution quality and robustness, and computational efficiency.


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